Mar 22, 2017

These two.

There are people in life who simply put up with dogs living on this planet with them.  Then there are those people who like dogs, but don't want to go so far as having one of their own. Next up are the people who love their dogs, but solely as furry, dedicated companions who are nice to have around.  

And then...there are the rest of us.  

You know the ones?  Those people who are over-the-top infatuated with their four-legged friends?  The people who are borderline-obsessed, who take picture after picture and who just won't.stop.talking. about their dog?  

Yep, I fall into that category.  I free-fall, in fact, (directly into a pool of puppies, please)!  

No apologies.

When I first met this little guy, I thought, hmm...I could probably grow to like you, I suppose, even as he chewed ferociously on my jacket.  #chance 

As life progressed, that's just what happened.  My adoration for this sweet and sassy boy grew larger than I ever thought possible.  

And then before I knew it, this precious girl caught my attention. With the epitome of puppy-dog-eyes, she all but begged me to be her mom.  I said yes. #jovie  

For a stubborn heart that was forever against having any pets at all, I discovered that it was more than capable of loving these two.

Just by their very existence, my life has changed.  

I've carried on countless conversations with my fur-kids, certain that even if they don't understand what I'm saying, they sure are great listeners.  

I've cleaned up their messes and rubbed their tummies when they didn't feel good.  

I've snuggled them close and taken them for car rides.  

I've listened to them snore and then kick at me in bed during a dream.  

I've rubbed their paws and held their faces close to mine. 

And, yes, I've even had to say goodbye.

But through it all, they have given of themselves so much more than I've given them, without even realizing it. 

They've licked away my tears.  They've made me laugh.  

And they've taught me to love.


Nope, they're not just dogs.  

They're family.

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