Mar 27, 2017

Love Is.

I had the most beautiful dream last night...

about love.

Encompassing, all-deserving, more than worthy of,


I've held tightly to love, in life, and found it.

I've also held tightly to love, in life, and lost it.  

But love fought for, and still lost, remains love.  It existed. 

Love will always surround me in some way.  

Friends, family, pets.  I'm catapulted forward the minute I want to stay put. Graciously, the path ahead is brilliant and bright by the light of their love.  They lead the way. 

If I find I cannot, then yes, they will always lead the way.

Love wraps itself around me and says, no, my friend, you cannot rewrite the past.  But you can being again.

You must.

Begin again.

It whispers in my ear, take the love you have learned from, and give it away. Pass it on.  Make another person better by your love; worthy.

Because that's what love does.

It makes us better.

It teaches us.

It confirms what we already know.  

Love is.  

And then ever so gently, it coaxes us to spread out our wide, love-filled wings...

and fly.

Fly to where such love is found.  The place where the same love we can offer, is received.


Everywhere.  Look around you.  It's everywhere.


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