Apr 24, 2017

It's Never or Now

Last Thursday, in my post entitled, My Favorite Things - April Edition, I mentioned the song 'Unbreakable', and how I would be expanding my thoughts about it at some point in the future. 

Well, you guessed it. The future is now!

But first, won't you take another listen?

In the video, it's pretty obvious how Lorelai (from Gilmore Girls) becomes very emotional, very caught up in the words and the meaning behind those words, being sung. 

I, too, can relate.

'I know how everyone else's life
Is supposed to fly by
Then someone turns and says
What about you?

And I stand here
Mouth open
Mind blank...'

My life is flying by - that much is true. With just four months remaining in my thirties, it seems impossible to realize that forty is quite literally, just around the corner. And so the movement, the ebb and flow of each and every day, is escaping me in ways I never imagined. I close my eyes on Friday and open them back up to Monday morning, just like that. 

'This should have all work itself out by now
The map of my life should be clear and precise
With little red dashes and circles so nice
Showing roadblocks
And landmines...'

Very few things are predictable, just like how very few things are actually in our control, regardless of the depths we go to keep them that way. And then we come to the roadblocks and the landmines that we were trying so hard to avoid, and find that we simply don't know how. We can't avoid them or wish them away. There they are.

Death. Divorce. Addiction. Debt. Betrayal. Disappointment.

'Oh, I am not unbreakable
I am breaking right now
Maybe everyone can't have the dream
Maybe everyone can't kiss the frog
Maybe it'll be me and a dog...(Jovie?)

And little stuff dolphins on the floor
And a little dog door

Oh, I am not unbreakable

I am breaking right now

I need to be unbreakable...'

What we want when we are met with the unexpected is to be unbreakable. Unaffected. Uninterested. Anything else but this, Lord...please...anything else.

But that's never how it is...or even how it should be. 

Because life is meant to be felt. To be lived. To experience, and then, eventually, when we feel ready, to move on.

it's never...or now.'

Are you facing it?  Is it right there, in front of you?  

What is YOUR never...or now?

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