Apr 17, 2017

Me, too

It's been just over seven months already since I penned my first blog post here on this page.  Timid and with trepidation, I took the leap.  Finally.  After years of dreaming...to doing.

The premise behind 'Me, too' has been to share the pieces of my life - the pieces that are whole and complete and the pieces that are broken and somewhat crumbling - so that you might be able to relate in a variety of ways.  I truly hope that has been your experience as you've journeyed along with me thus far.

I often wonder, though, if I'm too open, too vulnerable, too willing to expose my flaws.  Maybe I cross that line of perceived perfection with an overabundance of vigor, too eager to show you my weaknesses.  Yet as soon as I cross over from the land of I-am-perfect-and-everything-is-fine to the land of I-can-barely-keep-my-head-above-water, my eyes become clear, my breathing less-labored, and up ahead, I catch a glimpse of freedom.  Sweet freedom.  Earned and deserved...freedom.

In the end, I will never apologize for being too human.  Because there is no such thing.  Just like there is no such thing as being too compassionate or too humble, too loving or too kind.  The truth is, we can show our weakness and still be strong.  We can tear down our walls while we build each other up.  We can cry and scream or curl up in a ball if we have to.  We don't have to pretend. Isn't that liberating?  We can leave the land of make-believe and, yes, still be accepted. 

Can you do that?  Can you leave that land behind?

l will continue to show you who I really am. 

And I will be waiting right here for when you want to do the same.   

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