Feb 20, 2017


We're conditioned in this life to adapt and change as necessary.  We adapt our mood and attitude, depending on who we are having a conversation with or the situations we find ourselves in.  We adapt at work and around family and friends.  Every day is a series of adaptations.  From one moment to the next, we do what we can to accept what's been given.

The one situation in life, however, where there is an exception to that rule is when it comes to love. 

Relationships are about two people coming together, flaws and imperfections alike, so, yes, there will always need to be compromises from one person to another.  But there's a difference between compromising in everyday situations and then compromising who are you are.

I don't know why it is, but it seems as if we're constantly accepting less for ourselves and our well-being, but then we chide others for living lives less than they deserve.  

The same rules should apply.  

Accept nothing more than what you would wish for another.

In life and especially, in love.

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