Feb 27, 2017

Follow the Leader

Did you ever play the game, Follow the Leader, in grade school or with friends, when you were little? The premise of the game is to choose someone to be the leader, or placed at the "head of the line", with the remainder of the children lining up behind that selected person.  The leader then moves around the room and all the other children have to mimic their actions. Whether it's swerving between different objects or making all sorts of hand gestures, the goal is to keep up the pace with the leader.

Our lives tend to look a little bit like this from time to time as well.  We're hesitant to step out of our own comfort zone, afraid to be seen and heard, regardless of how important being seen and heard is to us.  So we stay close to home, curled up where we feel most comfortable and wait for the others to make the first move.  We prefer someone else to be the leader and then, maybe, if we feel so inclined, we might decide to fall into step behind them.

What if we didn't live this way, though?  What if were so bold, so fearless, so eager to make our stance known that hiding behind all the others wasn't an option?

And what if, because of our courage, people started to make worthy changes toward what they believed in as well?  What if we were all working towards the same goals of positivity and compassion and love?    

Would the world change?  

Yes, I do think it would.

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