Feb 6, 2017

On Second Thought

You know those tickers that run at the bottom of Google or Bing or whatever other search engines are out there?  Well, last week, one of the tickers caught my eye.  It read, Texas Bank Teller Stole $1.25M from bank over 10 years.  

And with that, my heart sank to my feet.

I am no stranger to irresponsible decision making, as told here, here, and here. I suppose that's why I am so passionate about steering people towards a more honorable path than the one I decided to take.  After all, if I can prevent another from following in my footsteps, then I'll be doing God's work...extending on the mercy that I, too, have received.

My friends, there is a serious epidemic in our society today and it's swallowing us whole. Maybe you don't see it because you're not out there looking for it, but I promise you, it exists, and for those vulnerable souls, it's just waiting; lurking in the shadows.

The issue is this.  We are a society fixated on more, better, newer, and the greatest.  We are competing with one another, whether we realize it or not.  No longer is the 46" TV good enough; now it must be at least 75".  Iphone 5's are outdated - it's time for an upgrade.  And for those who still own a flip phone? You're walking among the dinosaurs, people! Then we move on to vehicles and gaming systems and furniture and washers and dryers...it never ends.  The end of the tunnel is miles and miles ahead.

Those vulnerable souls I referenced earlier are the vulnerable ones like me, who become obsessed with the feeling, the rush, that comes with spending money. We are so sensitive to it that we begin to crave it.  And then we search for ways to fulfill that craving, whether it be shopping or gambling or yes, even stealing. Because regrettably, we just don't know when to stop.  We are powerless against the pull.  As a result, the "how" becomes irrelevant - how will I afford this, or how can I take what's not mine and still live with myself? 

I have a file folder full of news stories of people who, like the woman from Texas, just didn't know when to stop. Who eventually had to face the dire consequences of what they thought would bring them happiness.  

My story is in that folder as well.  

Vulnerable souls are all around us.  Be attuned.  Look to your left and to your right, in front and behind.  Open yourself up to hear someone say, I need help

And then do...help.  

Let's rally around those sensitive, feeling people and assure them that there is always another way.

*Friends, if you are one of these sensitives, reach out to me.  I know the struggle because I continue to live it.  Together we can choose to walk the moral path.  Believe me when I say...it leads to freedom. 

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