Oct 2, 2016


Hello, sweet friends.

If you took some time last week to read my blog (thank you!), you can probably guess it was a big, scary, and revealing moment of truth.  There was a part of me that hesitantly sat back each day and just kind of held my breath...waiting.  Because while there are lots of people out there who already know my personal story, even to the point of living it right along with me, I imagine there were others that had not heard it.  Random thoughts like, will these people still choose to be in my life, and also, will they look at me differently now, rushed through my manic and over-processing mind.  
But then on Thursday, I came across one of my favorite scriptures:   

Read this through a few times, will you? 
Sit quietly with it for just a moment.  
Now, let's break it down...

They conquered him by the Blood of the Lamb.  
Let me ask you.  Who or what do you need to conquer in your own life with God's honest and loving truth?  Is it someone who challenges you at your job or in your home?  Or maybe it's an addiction or a secret you are silently struggling with?  What steps can you take right now to conquer this situation? 
Not sure?  Start by asking God, in prayer, to reveal himself to you.  Confide in a close friend or family member.  Reach out.  Do whatever you need to do to begin...to conquer
By the word of their testimony.  
It's a terrifying feeling to step out in vulnerability.  We have avenues such as Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat to boast about all the good we do and how wonderful we are, but we often fail to recognize our faults.  Now I'm not saying we should use those resources to open up our darkest closets, but maybe you know someone who is struggling in an area you once struggled with.  Why not have an honest conversation with them?  That's what this blog here is all about, you know.  It's about saying, Me too, friend.  I've been there.  I know how you feel.  How can I help you?  Your testimony is also your beautiful truth.  Share it.    

They did not love their lives, even unto death.  
In the context of scripture, this verse is like peeling away the hard, outer shell to get to the soft center.  The outer shell is our lives here on earth, but the soft center is eternal life in heaven.  It's what we're working and striving for...isn't it?  Our stories may be brutal and excruciating to share, and the backlash we might receive from others might make us hesitate to ever be vulnerable again, but there will be people who still choose to accept you...and me.  

You are not alone.  

Together, we can do this. 

Conquer.  Be vulnerable.  Unite on common ground.

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