Oct 13, 2016


~ My alarm goes off almost every morning for at least forty-five minutes before I reluctantly roll out of bed.  And now, I'm afraid that if I don't set my alarm that far in advance, I'll wake up late.

~ For the first fifteen minutes, I prefer not to speak or make eye contact with anyone, if at all possible.

~ If I could wear sweatpants and t-shirts every day, I would be thrilled.

~ My favorite day of the week is Sunday, particularly when I have absolutely nothing to do but go to church and take a nap.

~ My heart hurts a little now and then over not having kids, because I think I would have been a good mom.

~ I am most peaceful when sitting on a beach, listening to the ocean, or sitting in my living room with just the Christmas lights on, or when my precious Jovie-girl is fast asleep next to me.

~ I often plan my day around food.

~ I am divorced now, but I can't yet seem to part with my wedding dress.

~ I have at least 60 episodes of Roseanne recorded on my DVR.

~ I have an innate ability to memorize numbers, such as addresses, phone numbers, etc.  But if I meet you for the first time, I probably won't remember your name five minutes later.

~ In order to re-energize myself, I need to be alone. 

~ I think I'm much funnier than I probably am. 

~ I rarely use swear words. 

~ If I had to, I could live without TV, but never without music.

~ I am not at all offended by sarcasm.

~ I have a love for all animals, especially since I went to great lengths to save a mouse the other day.

~ I've never regretted my decision to become a vegetarian.  Except I sometimes miss chicken.  : |  

~ I love my faith.

This is me.

The challenge this life presents on a daily basis is showing those around us our most authentic selves.  

So tell me...what does your most authentic self look like?

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