Feb 22, 2017

Favorite Things - February Edition

Welcome to the February edition of my Favorite Things!  If you'd like to check out my favorites from January, check them out here.

* First up - these are some of the most comfortable ballet flats I've ever owned.  (And does anyone else find it ironic that they're also called - Me too?!)  But really, sooo comfortable.  I wear them pretty much all year round; with dress pants, jeans and capris.  Pick yourself up a pair!  You can find them here.

* If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet with the rest of the world and watched the newest show, This Is Us, we can no longer be friends.  You guys, this show.  It's all sorts of amazingness, I'm telling you!  It's beautiful and meaningful, funny and enlightening.  Absolute perfection.

* Essential oils seem to be all the rage these days, and I enjoy them just as much as the next person. My favorite smell of all is peppermint and it really can do wonders for aches and pains and headaches. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it resembles the smell of a spa -  nice and relaxing.  I was reading something the other day that suggested putting a small amount of your favorite oil in a water bottle and at then at the end of your morning or evening shower, spray some around and above you to give you a nice, warm, calming effect.  I've been doing it now for over a week and I must say, it does what it says!

* If you've ever wondered about the Catholic mass and why we do what we do (sit, stand, kneel), along with the theology surrounding and behind the parts of the mass, I highly encourage you to read, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass by Edward Sri. I promise that it won't put you to sleep or be too difficult to comprehend.  It is a book, however, that will really put into perspective how vital the mass is to our faith journey.  Pick up your own copy of the book here.


* And finally, I am obsessed with these cell phone stands.  Not only do I have two of them myself, but I've given them away as gifts.  They're perfect for watching shows on your phone, scrolling, responding to texts, etc.  I have one at work and one in my bathroom, where I watch Gilmore Girls evvvvvvery morning while getting ready for work.  Nice and handy to have around! Amazon has them, of course!  

That's all for February, my friends!  

Now, what are some of your favorite things?

Feb 20, 2017


We're conditioned in this life to adapt and change as necessary.  We adapt our mood and attitude, depending on who we are having a conversation with or the situations we find ourselves in.  We adapt at work and around family and friends.  Every day is a series of adaptations.  From one moment to the next, we do what we can to accept what's been given.

The one situation in life, however, where there is an exception to that rule is when it comes to love. 

Relationships are about two people coming together, flaws and imperfections alike, so, yes, there will always need to be compromises from one person to another.  But there's a difference between compromising in everyday situations and then compromising who are you are.

I don't know why it is, but it seems as if we're constantly accepting less for ourselves and our well-being, but then we chide others for living lives less than they deserve.  

The same rules should apply.  

Accept nothing more than what you would wish for another.

In life and especially, in love.

Feb 15, 2017


In sacred scripture, in the book of Genesis, it reads: 

"When the LORD saw how great was man’s wickedness on earth, and how no desire that his heart conceived was ever anything but evilhe regretted that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was grieved." ~ Genesis 6: 5-6

His heart was grieved.  Grieved.  

I was taken aback when I read this because so often, we think of God only in large, looming terms.  We know He is all-powerful, and all-knowing, so quite often, we choose to hold Him at arms-length; a little afraid, a little intimidated.

Yet we know from this very scripture that He is more than capable of grieving. Just like Jesus, when his friend Lazarus died, was capable of deep, deep sadness.  

What desires is your heart conceiving?    

How have you grieved the Lord?  

Because He is not in the least at arms-length, my friends.  He is beside you and within you. And He will not fail you.  

Therefore, tell me, how much more beautiful would this scripture be if it read this way:

Let us not grieve the heart of our Lord.  

May our hearts, and His, be fulfilled.