Mar 29, 2017

Give them power

My mind is like a steady volley on a sweltering summer day of a tennis court; back and forth without fail between the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that I willingly give power to.  I wake up early in the morning with one thought on my mind, but by the time my feet hit the cold, hardwood floor, mere seconds later, something else entirely has popped into my head.
We often give power to those thoughts that take hold of us; thoughts of sadness or jealousy, anger and worry.  Thoughts that, whether we realize it or not, keep us prisoners within our very own bodies, when, ironically, if we are in control of any one thing in particular, it's what we choose to focus on.
Therein lies the paradox of life.     

What are you giving your mind's power to?  What are you allowing to occupy such a valuable and beautiful space?  Are you being led forward by those thoughts, or are they, in fact, preventing you from taking the next step? 

Philippians 4:8, says ~
Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is just, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worth of praise, think about these things.


I don't know about you, but if my mind would begin and end each day with these?


Now that's what I call power.

Mar 27, 2017

Love Is.

I had the most beautiful dream last night...

about love.

Encompassing, all-deserving, more than worthy of,


I've held tightly to love, in life, and found it.

I've also held tightly to love, in life, and lost it.  

But love fought for, and still lost, remains love.  It existed. 

Love will always surround me in some way.  

Friends, family, pets.  I'm catapulted forward the minute I want to stay put. Graciously, the path ahead is brilliant and bright by the light of their love.  They lead the way. 

If I find I cannot, then yes, they will always lead the way.

Love wraps itself around me and says, no, my friend, you cannot rewrite the past.  But you can being again.

You must.

Begin again.

It whispers in my ear, take the love you have learned from, and give it away. Pass it on.  Make another person better by your love; worthy.

Because that's what love does.

It makes us better.

It teaches us.

It confirms what we already know.  

Love is.  

And then ever so gently, it coaxes us to spread out our wide, love-filled wings...

and fly.

Fly to where such love is found.  The place where the same love we can offer, is received.


Everywhere.  Look around you.  It's everywhere.


Mar 22, 2017

These two.

There are people in life who simply put up with dogs living on this planet with them.  Then there are those people who like dogs, but don't want to go so far as having one of their own. Next up are the people who love their dogs, but solely as furry, dedicated companions who are nice to have around.  

And then...there are the rest of us.  

You know the ones?  Those people who are over-the-top infatuated with their four-legged friends?  The people who are borderline-obsessed, who take picture after picture and who just won't.stop.talking. about their dog?  

Yep, I fall into that category.  I free-fall, in fact, (directly into a pool of puppies, please)!  

No apologies.

When I first met this little guy, I thought, hmm...I could probably grow to like you, I suppose, even as he chewed ferociously on my jacket.  #chance 

As life progressed, that's just what happened.  My adoration for this sweet and sassy boy grew larger than I ever thought possible.  

And then before I knew it, this precious girl caught my attention. With the epitome of puppy-dog-eyes, she all but begged me to be her mom.  I said yes. #jovie  

For a stubborn heart that was forever against having any pets at all, I discovered that it was more than capable of loving these two.

Just by their very existence, my life has changed.  

I've carried on countless conversations with my fur-kids, certain that even if they don't understand what I'm saying, they sure are great listeners.  

I've cleaned up their messes and rubbed their tummies when they didn't feel good.  

I've snuggled them close and taken them for car rides.  

I've listened to them snore and then kick at me in bed during a dream.  

I've rubbed their paws and held their faces close to mine. 

And, yes, I've even had to say goodbye.

But through it all, they have given of themselves so much more than I've given them, without even realizing it. 

They've licked away my tears.  They've made me laugh.  

And they've taught me to love.


Nope, they're not just dogs.  

They're family.

Mar 20, 2017

My Favorite Things - March Edition

Welcome to the March-edition of My Favorite Things!  Take a look at this list and maybe some of my favorite things will become some of your favorite things!

First up is this sound machine.  It was a gift from Santa.

I'm telling you, this is the best thing EVER.  If you like the sound of a fan buzzing in the background while you catch some zzzz's, this is so much better. It's basically white noise, that comes out of a magical little box.  It helps to drown out all the background distractions that prevent you from falling asleep. Now, I don't know if Santa bought it on Amazon, but you can purchase your own by clicking on the link above!
Do you have an Apple watch?  Are you tired of the same old silicone band that it came with and want some to match your changing outfits?  Amazon to the rescue again!  These bands are so durable and so soft.  Plus, you can't beat the price.

For all you coffee k-cup lovers out there, I have a delicious dark roast that you must try.  Verena Street Coffee is a local company to my area and their Nine Mile Sunset flavor is so nice and smooth.  Add a dash of creamer or drink it plain - either way! Plus, a lot of k-cups run around eighty cents a piece, but these are only forty-seven cents...for EIGHTY of them!  Winner winner!    

If you're looking for a significant and meaningful book to read, look no further than The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.  At just one hundred and ninety-six pages, it's a quick read that will pack a punch to your emotions.  Such a beautiful, life-affirming story.

I've mentioned her before, but one of my favorite authors is Brene Brown.  She's a researcher who has really delved into the subject of vulnerability, while destroying the myth that being vulnerable equals being weak.  Her first TED talk has been viewed over 1.5 million times and it's one of my favorites. In it she's quoted as saying, "When you ask people about love, they tell you about heartbreak." (sigh)  Take twenty minutes out of your day today and see what it's all about.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of My Favorite Things!  

Mar 15, 2017

Are you confused?

"We do the things that we believe are most important.
The problem is, sometimes we're confused about what's most important."
- Resisting Happiness, by Matthew Kelly

The above is a quote from a video led by Catholic author, Matthew Kelly, regarding prayer.  I had to pause the video for a moment when he said those words because I could so easily relate.  But what was most interesting to me about the video is that he talked about going to mass and how, anymore, we seem to find all sorts of excuses why not to go.  I'm too busy, or I just want to sleep in, or I have other things I need to get done, seem to top the list.  And as he says in his book, Resisting Happiness, we are continuously doing the opposite of what we know will make us happy.  For instance, I love to write, but wouldn't you know it, I will choose first to attack my lingering to-do list before I sit down at my computer. Why is that?  Why is attending mass, or praying daily, something we put off as well?  

Tell me.  When was the last time you walked out of mass and said, gosh, I feel so unhappy right now; I really wish I hadn't gone to mass.  I suppose it's the same for exercising or setting our cell phones down to play a game with our kids. We choose not to do these things, even though we know how happy they will make us.

In Matthew's video, he asks this question.  What if we knew that if we went to mass each and every week, we would find one thousand dollars inside of a song book, just waiting for us?  How often, do you think, would we miss attending?


What would be your answer?  Without a doubt, I would be there! Wouldn't you?  What does that say about us?  What does that say about our priorities? What does that say about what we deem most important?

How are you confusing what's most important?  

Or better yet, answer this - what is most important?

(If you'd like to watch the video I referred to, please click here.)

(And if you'd like to pick up a copy of Matthew's book, Resisting Happiness, here's where you can find it.)

Mar 13, 2017

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done.

These are four of the most beautiful words ever to cross my eyes, and four of the most challenging to accept into my beating and broken heart.

When I say the prayer of the Our Father and proclaim, 'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done', I softly close my eyes in reverence to their splendor.  

Thy will...not mine.  

And not just when it's convenient for me or when it fits into my plans, but every second of every day. 

Thy Will Be Done.

So many aspects of my life feel as if they have spiraled out of control, leaving me wounded and backed into a corner.  I begin to compare my misfortunes to other people's blessings and I claim a spirit of jealousy and desperation for what I do not have, but believe I deserve.  I say in a fit of panic and with a constricted heart, but I did all I was supposed to why this, God?  Why this pain?  I tell myself that I know what is best for me.

But then I speak the words...

Thy Will Be Done.  

You see, regardless of how hard we try, we are ill-suited to determine what is best for our lives.  We cannot assume that every broken road will lead to darkness.  Because the night always turns into day and with each day, comes light. We have to believe there is a greater plan.

Do you?

Every time I listen to the following song, I can't help but cry. Not because of sadness, but because of the knowing realization that, ah, yes.

Not my will...but done.

Thy Will

"Sometimes I better stop, remember that you're God, and"
- Thy Will,
Hillary Scott