Jan 16, 2017


Last week, I talked about the time I read a blog a few years ago in which the woman writing stated that for her, New Year’s Resolutions were officially a thing of the past. The days of making lists and post-it notes of potential and often out-of-reach goals were over. She decided, rather, to pick one word that would encompass every aspect to which she was so valiantly searching and striving. A sentiment that would carry the weight of it all; a concept she could come back to as often as she needed to throughout the year.  An anchor, so to speak, bringing her back time and time again to her true purpose, her true intention.

I discovered that this, too, was what I was looking for as well. While I still begin each morning with a to-do list of my own, my endless list of New Year’s Resolutions in year's past have very often been set by the wayside, and two weeks into the New Year, happen to be all but forgotten.

And so as I sat back and experienced 2016 come to a close, my one word weaved its’ way into my world slowly and cautiously. It was as if it knew it had to be patient and tolerant enough to wait silently in the wings for me to accept it in all its’ glory.

In the days leading up to Christmas, I took a few days off of work to immerse myself, as I’ve said before, in all things holiday. Quite often, I would be cuddled up under my red and white snowflake blanket, sunk deep into the cushions of my couch, with my sweet four-legged friend, Jovie, fast asleep next to me. A little Bing Crosby or Elvis Presley would be crooning Christmas tunes in the background, with the tree brilliantly casting shadows off the wall, and a warm cup of coffee or a chilled glass of Holiday Nog would be within close reach.

And wouldn't you know it, it was in those specific, grace-filled moments where my word was so beautifully revealed.

Present.  Happy and at peace. In the moment.  Being fully aware, cognizant of each and every detail.  No thoughts of tomorrow, or even an hour into the future.  Now.   

I thought to myself...this, this is what I need more of. 

I've preached about it and encouraged others to take notice and realized, yep, now it's my turn.

So what does this mean and how will I strive to live this out in 2017? 

Well, stay tuned.  I can't wait to share with you how my one word is taking shape.