Dec 4, 2016

THIS is Important

The other night I was driving to the store after work to pick up a few odds and ends and I couldn't get over the amount traffic out on the roads.  I realized it was close to 5:00 p.m. at the beginning of December, and people were driving home after a long day, but it was practically bumper to bumper.  Cars swerving around one another, trying to advance in line like it was a race to the finish. Where was everyone headed, I wonder, and why were they in such a hurry?

This world, OUR world, often works in that very manner; bumper to bumper, like herding cattle.  Get closer! Move faster!  Do this!  Do that!  Where have you been?  You're late!  It's overwhelming and exhausting, trying to sort through all the thoughts being thrown at us. And pretty soon, we run out of gas as we begin to shut down from all the noise and chaos.

Tell me, what's really important in your life?  Not what you envision will make you happy in the future, but today, on Monday, December 5th?  What happiness can you claim at this very moment?   

Are you struggling to come up with an answer?  Is it easier to list the areas of life that are frustrating or the luck you feel has been stripped away?  If that's the case, it might be a sign...a clear, bold come home.  Stop driving amidst the traffic and the constant rush of life.  Rather, take a quiet moment to look around and breathe in your greatest blessings. 

Sweet friends, you are worth those moments, no matter what the world says. 

So pause for as long as need to, pull your hand back, place it on your heart, and claim it's vital importance.